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– What is ‘Your Prosperity Code’ all about?

FEELING ANY OF THESE too often for your liking?

  • Bored
  • Confused
  • Restless
  • Anxious
  • Tired
  • Burnt out

Your Soul is Calling you!

Connecting to your Authentic Self remains the only way to THRIVE!

Are YOU ready to feel the joyful, prosperous LIFE of your Soul’s Calling?

Louise & Ryan

Hi, I’m Louise Fowller

Founder of Prosperity Begins at 40


I know what it’s like to be 40 and not feeling in CONTROL in your life! I was scared, divorced and a single mum in a foreign country with debt. I simply had, had enough! It was TIME to take back my life.

This was a huge wakeup call and I knew it was time to truly step into what was authentic for me.

After years of coaching and teaching I brought together the best of what I had learnt and connected the dots of my Gifts, my experiences, my lessons in life, my passions and I made my decision from this process. I started and grew a multimillion dollar business which afforded me a luxurious lifestyle and global recognition. With overwhelming GRATITUDE of being able to navigate through this experience and create a Lifestyle of Prosperity, I knew it was my next calling to help other Women answer their calling by following their purpose to share their Authentic Gifts in the world.

Not $1,597  – Only $597!


‘Your Prosperity Code’ is about …


Helping you set your ‘Life’s Compass’ to your true north – giving you the clarity, direction, peace of mind and energy to TAKE CONTROL of your life.

It’s not just about ‘what you want to do in life?’beachchair


It’s also about how you want your life to FEEL.


  • What makes you feel good?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What brings you peace?
  • How can you PLAY more in life?


“Louise is kind, caring and really funny! When ‘Your Prosperity Code’ presented itself to me, I was lost with no direction and did not really know who I was or what I was supposed to be doing. My finances were horrible, I was stuck in grief and feeling extremely stressed. NOW I am in a whole different place altogether….my energy vibration has completely shifted, my financial situation has improved incredibly and I have some really exciting opportunities ahead of me.  I now have trust, peace, confidence and my stress is gone. I am able to see and feel my value and give this to others. This course is transformational and nurturing… it is truly unique and I can honestly say it has transformed my life!”

KIMBERLEY GRIDLEY – Your Prosperity Code Graduate



‘Prosperity Begins at 40’ and ‘Your Prosperity Campus.’


For women 40 & BEYOND it’s a huge transitional phase of letting go of how we played certain roles in the past. Roles change throughout our lives and hanging onto how we once did things no longer serves our happiness, others, prosperity or helps us to truly serve our full potential.womaneating_700px

This is where many WOMEN 40 & BEYOND can easily:

  • Feel stuck
  • Maybe depressed
  • Not really knowing who she is anymore
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling resentful as you know this is your time now and needing to make a shift

After working with thousands of women for more than 20 years, investing over hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching & training with some of the world’s best in their fields, plus my own experience and research I am ready to share this with the world!


womanbypool_700oxThrough the GRATITUDE of my own success I was inspired to write, create and develop with experts around the world, YOUR PROSPERITY CODE course which I present online at YOUR PROSPERITY CAMPUS.

One of my passions is to deliver training that truly supports transformation, not just the passing on of information but instead delivering real results! To achieve this I chose to deliver YOUR PROSPERITY CODE course through the interactive experience of an online academy, which is now the birth of YOUR PROSPERITY CAMPUS.  A learning environment with other like minded women all supporting each other to their full potential.

Your purpose is calling you!




Why do we have our own unique Prosperity Code (Blueprint)?


It’s due to our unique blend of Authentic Gifts, life experiences, and passions that gives us our original voice in the world.

Our Soul wants us to honour this voice byworkingonbeach_700px

  • Living on purpose
  • Sharing our Gifts
  • Uplifting others with our Gifts
  • Making a difference
  • Help others to prosper



FROM YOUR PROSPERITY CODE EXPERIENCE you’ll be equipped and have the courage to move forward step by step into your Authentic Gifts as your prosperous future unfolds with the ‘Grace of the Universe.’  Live a life without compromise of who you are and what matters most to you! As a result of completing the process for ‘Your Prosperity Code’ you will…

✓  Learn how to distinguish your soul’s voice from fear

✓  Reclaim your purpose & redefine what true success means to you

✓  Discover your compelling vision

✓  Be richly rewarded for being who you are and what you love to do

motheranddaughter_700px✓  Make a positive impact in other people’s lives

✓  Uncover the pathway to create income that supports your dreams of Prosperity

✓  Learn how to have courage with strength, grace and gratitude

✓  Learn how to set a solid foundation for a ‘lifetime of prosperity’



A special note from Louise


From my heart to your heart, in a soft and hopefully connecting voice I share this message with you and maybe you will relate to it – “You know, there is so much information out there in cyberspace that constantly keeps coming at us! It can be overwhelming, confusing and many times written to make you feel inadequate!

This is why I wanted to create YOUR PROSPERITY CODE – It’s personal to you so you could, just like me, uncover “What Really Matters Most” to you in your life. We don’t need to know everything; we just need to learn what is most important to our Souls journey and master that! YOUR PROSPERITY CODE will become your compass in life, your true north that helps you be the most powerful, dynamic and AWE-SOME self!

LouiseFowllerLoving  this journey with you. See you in YOUR PROSPERITY CAMPUS. Look forward to hanging out together and changing up lives!Louise x




Not $1,597  – Only $597!

12 Month Option

6 Month Option

  • Just $65 a month!
  • Easy online payments
  • Just $115 a month!
  • Easy online payments

What You Get

Priceless Value! You receive all of this…

Pre-course Orientation

Pre-course Orientation

Includes the dynamic process of Your Prosperity Assessment, Your Discover Survey & Powerful Intentions Sheet to help you assess where you are at now & where you want to be 12 months from now!

Prosperity Campus

Prosperity Campus

This is not just any online course, it is an online academy built to take you through the transformation you are wanting to achieve. We give you 12 months access where you’ll find resources, support, action steps and inspiration 24/7.



Module by module, layer by layer Louise shares and takes you on your inner journey… using her strategies and unique style of coaching to help you connect to who you truly are and what you want to achieve for a meaningful and fulfilled life. Beautiful Workbooks are provided for each module, turning this into a real experience, extracting your juicy potential and enabling you to obtain maximum value from the course.

LIVE Mentoring Calls

LIVE Mentoring Calls

Monthly LIVE Community Calls with Prosperity Coaches to ask questions whilst gaining insights, inspiration, support. You will love connecting to one another in this group of like minded people and never feeling like you are on your own.

Personalised Mentoring Sessions

Personalised Mentoring Sessions

Our Prosperity Code Mentors are available to support you through as many Personal Mentoring Sessions as you choose to add into your journey. For a small additional fee you can add these in whenever you feel the need or desire to.

Connection & Community

Connection & Community

You will be welcomed as a member into this vibrant community. The Private Facebook Group brings together like-minded women in one place to ride this journey together with Louise and Your Prosperity Code Mentors participating, inspiring, and guiding.


My Personal Guarantee

Full money back guarantee if you do not feel you are receiving the value you want after the first 2 modules!


“It’s not just MY time, it’s ABOUT time.”


Another Exciting Option For Getting Started…


Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please email us. We’re here to help.


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